COVID-19 Deaths in England☠️

COVID-19 Deaths in England☠️

For some months now, I have been comparing the weekly UK Health Security Agency (“UKHSA”) published SARS-CoV-2 deaths in England (after 60 days) – the percentage of deaths of vaccinated people (blue line in graph) with the percentage of vaccinated people in the population (red line in graph) – by age cohort as a simple analysis of vaccination effectiveness.

For example, if deaths only occur in vaccinated people then that might indicate that there is a problem with the vaccinations themselves.

In my analysis of the UKHSA data, the closer the lines get the poorer the vaccine efficacy becomes, and if the red line drops below the blue line it indicates that the vaccines are doing more harm than good.

The lines have been getting closer over time and this week (13) the lines crossed adversly twice for the first time – in the <18 and 40-49 age cohorts.

However, the UKHSA have just stopped publishing this data – effective from 2nd April 2022.

So, this is the last data available – for the week ended 1st April 2022 ie., week 13.