About my blog

I started this blog in 2017 as a collection of my (largely) uncensored thoughts and rants which, like a notebook, is useful to me to save somewhere.

All without being tied to the rules, strictures, censorship and loss of control and ownership arising from the use of traditional “free” social media like twitter and facebook.

I didn’t really get busy with it until SARS-Cov-2 hit – it’s interesting to me how my thoughts on the vaccines and conspiracies changed over time.

And since, for the first time in my privileged life, I have experienced what it feels like to become a member of a persecuted minority (“the dirty unvaccinated”), I have been using it more as a platform to let off steam and have a rant from time to time.

Please accept my apologies if you find some of it offensive. I’m trying not to be mean but sometimes it does help me get stuff off my chest.

Possibly, some people might find it entertaining, or even 😲informative😲