Are you fingerless or dead? πŸͺ“

Are you fingerless or dead? πŸͺ“

A bad man with a hoe

On twitter today, I watched some poor bastard sat on a rock have his fingers and thumb cut off by some guy standing over him with a hoe like implement.

A foreign language – asian maybe – I’m inferring he says put your hand out – chop; and again, chop. I’m pretty sure it was real.

It was so shocking I had to watch it a couple of times for my brain to catch up with what my heart was telling me; that I was witnessing something truly horrific.

It certainly made me examine my comfortable life and what I’d do in a similar position.

You can live without your fingers I suppose but personally I’m pretty sure I’d die trying to kill the motherfucker with the hoe.

This brutal tweet was removed pretty quickly presumably by twitter moderators.

But it made me think.

What type of human are you?


Or dead?

I’ll wager most are fingerless.

And … some, very few, are the ones with the hoe …

Why can’t the unvaccinated move on?

In response to the tweet below (pictured above), I stated:

I don’t think any of us who survived the establishment onslaught are in a mood to move on.

That’s just how it is now.

And then Geoff (@MrMoosey1) asked me:

The establishment onslaught? What did that entail for you personally?

And I thought about this and actually, apart from the discrimination and the travel restrictions, I’m sure that there were people who suffered much more than me.

But, if you complied with the #covidvaccines you’ll never be able to understand how it felt for one of the #unvaccinated during that time, regardless of what anyone tells you..

And then, upon further reflection, I came up with another analogy for @MrMoosey1 that may have helped his understanding of what it entailed for me, and I replied.

I used to like strangers.
now I don’t.
in fact, I now assume strangers are men with hoes as per my tweet below
(the one where the man had digits brutally amputated), and they’re still out there coming for my fingers …

I think that explains, at least to myself, why we unvaccinated are not able to move on.