Update on my @foldingathome activities

Update on my @foldingathome activities

Just a quick post today, updating my foldingathome activities previously described here.

In my office I have four screens each running multiple tabs of live data feeds from tradingview.com.

This is quite processor intensive and benefits from the powerful GPU in my desktop PC.

I have also been running foldingathome software which hogs my GPU, generates a LOT of heat in the process and occasionally causes my trading screens to glitch in such a way that the desktop needs to be rebooted – but fortunately, so far, not during any important trades.

My office is in my attic, so it is very hot in here in the summer.

It is also very noisy and I like my tunes!

Finally it costs money to undertake.

I got further than I ever imagined in the three or so years that I have been doing this – team rank #808 out of circa 126,000 – quite an achievement.

But now it is time to selfishly move on because I feel unloved as described in my tweet below.

Only a tiny ๐ŸŽป warranted I know.

Still, some other worthy can take my place ๐Ÿค”