Countering propaganda during war.πŸͺ–

Countering propaganda during war.πŸͺ–

I am not mad.

BUT, I probably have more time than most to read and analyse. 

And I am old and cynical.

Hitler didn’t set up the Third Reich and murder millions of Jews overnight.

Populations need to be steered and nudged in the right direction over a long period of time to reach the critical point of inflection where the unthinkable becomes acceptable.

This is done by a slow drip drip of propaganda fed to the masses by the establishment controlled media.

War propaganda is therefore a vital tool in the coercion, suppression and control of subjugated populations under authoritarian rule.

However, because the worldwide human population is so large now, even a minority of dissenters is a large group.

And this is a concern for the permapowers and tempopowers which is why they have engaged in such an effective psyops operation, intended to win “hearts and minds” without having to shoot anyone.

However, doubters of the official narrative should not fall into the trap of feeling weak, either individually or collectively.

Neither should we get angry or act rashly as this plays into the hands of the narrators.

But we can resist this in simple and effective ways as follows:

i. We are not the victims; take the time to remind yourself of this fact and then try to feel compassion for those who are.

ii. Withdraw consent; this can take many forms such as cancelling subscriptions to media (social and “factual”) outlets that you feel are not being entirely truthful or transparent; refusing to accept travel constraints by simply not travelling or by finding alternatives; not frequenting establishments or using services that exercise discriminatory policies… you get the idea hopefully…

iii. Form parallel groups and support structures; such as your own club, school or hobby circle.

iv. Make new friends; maybe this is the time to assess, for example, which of your friends are psychological drains and which of them are a source of inspiration, energy and joy! Don’t be mean or nasty in the choices that you make. After all, there is no excuse for not being civil..

v. Be and stay in nature as much as possible; go outside, appreciate the beauty around you. This will ground you and distract you from the noise around you.

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