The usual rules don’t apply to me …🚫

The usual rules don’t apply to me …🚫

Today, Rishi Sunak is under the spotlight as a result of a bit of rule stretching concerning his US green card status whilst Chancellor of the Exchequer (“the act”).

And, they’re all at it; Boris’s partygate being another example that springs to mind.

But, the thing is, I reckon that the majority of us are guilty of a bit of rule stretching from time to time (except my wife of course who is a squeaky clean goody two shoes – the yang to my yin in fact).

And, I think that this is a thing that most humans understand inately which explains why a good old fashioned apology usually works wonders in such situations.

None of us, after all, are truly altruistic if you are to believe Richard Dawkins Selfish Gene.

And so I find the indignation and horror concerning the act, from some quarters, more repulsive than the act itself.

I suspect I’m not alone.

In my opinion there is too much namby pamby compliance and virtue signalling going on these days.

I suspect you know where I’m going here, if you’ve been paying any attention. πŸ˜ƒ

Here’s a picture of my dog when she was little.

She’s glad she doesn’t live in Shanghai right now.