Ceres and Bosch – an optimistic prediction for🔥and⚡ – not a research note. Let’s see heh?

Ceres and Bosch – an optimistic prediction for🔥and⚡ – not a research note. Let’s see heh?

I’m going to try and keep this short. It explains just one of the reasons why I am excited about Ceres.

It’s based purely on my conjecture from research that I have been doing based on publicly available information on the internet.

I am not privy to any insider information nor am I prescient. I’m just optimistic and curious.

And I might be COMPLETELY wrong.

Ceres is a UK company that owns intellectual property (IP) in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology.

Everyone thinks that Ceres is a hydrogen player. Sure, a SOFC can utlilse hydrogen, but actually there is not a lot of green hydrogen around.

In theory a SOFC can catalyse any gasified fossil fuel to produce heat and electricity and capture the exhaust gases (which may be recycled for further catalysis).

This enables fossil fuels to be used in a green way, by capturing carbon emissions, to produce heat and power.

But SOFC’s need to be run 24/7 and for that reason are most commonly found in commercial buildings; for example, in hotels and datacentres.

But what do we need in houses too? Heat and power.

If we could replace the typical domestic gas/kerosene boiler in a home with a green SOFC equivalent (even if it was only 60-70% as efficient as a modern boiler), and feed any surplus electricity produced back into the electricity grid, wouldn’t that be something?

And, who is a very popular domestic boiler maker here in the UK? Hint: I’ve got a worcester-bosch boiler in my home!

Anyone remember the solar roof tiles linked to a large lithium battery array in your home, and designed to power your Tesla and meet your domestic heat🔥and power⚡needs.

Retrofit required? Prohibitively expensive? So old school?

And don’t get me on the subject of heat pumps!

NB. This is not financial advice and I do hold shares in Ceres so obviously I’m a bit biased/hopeful🤞😁.