Laying low …. starting to not like people in general ….

Laying low …. starting to not like people in general ….

Mr Grumpy here….

We are having a 3 week lockdown in the Isle of Man as a result of the new Covid-19 strain and I’m trying to lay low and keep my mouth shut mainly;

…. as I’m becoming resentful and contemptuous of….

(i) the chickenshit curtain twitching meople who are shit scared now because they realise that they’ve entirely abrogated responsibility for their health their whole lives and now understand that this might catch up with them big time. (but see note 1 below)

(ii) selfish cowards (there’s nothing wrong with nerves and fear as long as it’s mixed in with a healthy dose of courage and a touch of empathy).

(iii) the snoutlets for their ridiculous fear mongering and divisiveness eg., the Boris Johnson cycles 7 mile debacle 😲.

(iv) the faxxers for being stupid.

(v) the politicians for being annoyed with twitter for silencing a member of their own ranks (Trump – for those of you who have been living under a rock) and having the gall to dress it up as the protection of free speech – if you really want to protect your free speech have your own blog as it’s harder to turn off!!

(vi) our species for basically consuming our planet.

The counterweight to this is that I do believe that genuinely vulnerable people, who are at risk due to no fault of their own should be protected, including older people (but see below).

This group obviously does not include people who’ve 

(i) eaten too many donuts and cream cakes (and to you feeders out there you are partly to blame too)

(ii) smoked too many fags

(iii) drunk too much alcohol

(iv) not done enough exercise.

Also, I don’t want ANYONE to die as that’s just mean. But we can only expect politicians, other people, revered deities (if that’s your thing) and the NHS to do so much for us. The rest we have to try to do ourselves.

Finally, here’s aΒ link to a rant that I wrote last year but didn’t publish as it didn’t seem politically correct; it still isn’t.

But I don’t care any more.


I think I’ve got it off my chest.

Note 1

Just to be clear on this subject – I have some very dear fat, alcoholic chainsmoking friends. I like these people because they accept that they’re responsible for their bad habits and in some cases are trying to remedy them which is even better. The difference is that (i) they’re not shit scared curtain twitchers and (ii) they understand the risks they’ve assumed and are not expecting special treatment nor societal lockdown to protect their unhealthy fat arses.