Always an optimist me …. I love a bit of chaos ….

Always an optimist me …. I love a bit of chaos ….

Or …. a rainbow always follows a storm.. πŸ€ͺ

In biology  … chaos (think natural disaster – there are a few around 😁) always benefits an ecosystem

In chemistry, La Chateliers Principle says that when a constraint is applied to a system in dynamic equilibrium, the equilibrium shifts in the direction that most helps to cancel out the constraint…

And, for all you business types out there, pretty much nails this phenomenon.

The following is a quote from the article.

“But chaos, or a period of inherent unpredictability in a system, is a natural process. In living systems, chaos occurs at the beginning of the growth cycle, where it can help organisms achieve higher levels of complexity. In nature, a system that thrives on chaos is dynamic and vital. On the other hand, a β€œstable” system is closest to entropy, which is closest to death. From this point of view, chaos is actually desirable, and order, lethal. Of course, decay is an integral part of any ecosystem, serving to fuel growth of new forms of life.”

And what an interesting evening it was in Washington last night…!