I’ve just worked it out …… permapowers are fascists and tempopowers are communists!

TLDR: I’ve just worked it out …… permapowers are fascists and tempopowers are communists.

How lovely that we now have a balanced global political system where the permapowers behind the scenes (executive) pull the strings of the tempopowers (marketing) facing the meople.



Three thoughts collided in my head today (during my ablutions) and fused into today’s post.

Firstly, I was asked at a dinner party in the summer where my political allegiances lay, and I explained that I didn’t really know and was probably in the middle somewhere.

But I was pressed to come down on one side or the other and answer this question (before I’m judged too harshly I give some rationale below):

If you had to vote for Fascism (me thinking Hitler) or Communism (me thinking Kim Yong Un and family – excluding the assassinated ones of course) who would you vote for?

And … I went for Hitler, because, well, at least in my mind, he was less deceptive in saying what he liked and didn’t like, I guess, whereas Kim likes everyone of course and wants to protect, care and save everyone. [Does that sound a bit like “Save the NHS”?]

The ONLY justification for my choice was the acceptance by me that we are NOT ALL EQUAL (obviously Hitler took it to an inexcusable and deranged extreme) as contrasted to the other view that we ARE ALL EQUAL.

I simply subscribe to the NOT EQUAL view, hence my answer.

Secondly, I made a post recently entitled We can’t like everybody, not even some of the time…

Now, at the time, I’m not sure where this post came from.

But in hindsight I think it was in response to an internal conflict arising because I have some very lovely and dear friends and relatives who, in simple terms, exhibit qualities that I view negatively and for which I have, in the past, had to apologise for; an attempt to try to explain the holding of said view, if you like.

Now, also in that same post, I was alluding to the fact that there are some people in this world who LIKE PEOPLE and some people who just DON’T LIKE PEOPLE.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that people who LIKE POWER actually DON’T LIKE PEOPLE.

So that would mean both tempopowers AND permapowers.

Thirdly, I shared this picture on FB. 

And, it made me think……

It means, whereas I WAS IN THE MIDDLE, now it seems that I’ve publicly picked sides …..

Does DIVIDE AND CONQUER still mean anything to anyone?

Why should we meople be having these idealogical fights when the tempopowers and the permapowers are getting along so well??