We can’t like everybody, not even some of the time…

We can’t like everybody, not even some of the time…

….nevermind ALL of the time.

POWER.. That’s the answer to my thought for the day. That’s what most people like. And it’s what people use to attract other people, when actually, these people are not all that likeable.

Some people have it, such as Putin, Xi Jinping, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc., (permapowers) and some people possess it fleetingly, such as Boris J, Ursula VDL, Joe B, Justin T, etc., (tempopowers).

Permapowers only have to “pretend” to like other people whereas tempopowers have to “convince” the majority of people that they like them (obviously a much tougher job!).

Therefore permapowers can be a little bit more honest; for example, Xi doesn’t like Uyghurs, Putin doesn’t like anybody, Bill loves everybody (but doesn’t want them to have too many more babies) and Jeff likes space.

Boris, Ursula, Joe and Justin all exclusively like the voters that vote for them, which of course is not possible as you cannot like everybody (even if they vote for you) and therefore this is a little dishonest.

Like – the word that is the philosophical genesis of this post; why do we like some people and not others?

Obviously I only have my own experience to draw upon and I’m not normal.

This is how I rationalise why I like some people more than others.

In my mind it’s all about my attraction (or NOT) to physical, mental and emotional attributes of body, brain and soul (“BBS”).

And it doesn’t just apply to humans; it also applies to pets!

So pretty simple really;

body is obvious:
face, fitness and athleticism; ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph; personal hygiene etc.,

brain is:
intellect, social skills and humour (ie., mentally stimulating and entertaining), intuition and empathy; etc.,

and soul is varied and anywhere on the scales of:
angelic to evil, generous to mean, honest to deceitful, a source (and type) of energy, to life force leech, protector to bully, braven to craven, secure to needy, extrovert to introvert, etc.,

This is why it’s complicated; evil people can still be entertaining and attractive – you only have to watch a Bond film to ascertain this.

For example, I like beautiful (obviously!) and fit; sharp wit and intellect, and slightly crazy; and kind but with a hint of evil.

But I don’t like cheating thieving lying fat bastards, no matter how clever or witty they are.

What do you like? Don’t be a politician. 😁

And remember POWER only draws the wrong types of people to you AND they probably don’t actually like YOU.

It’s your POWER they’re after. ⚑