COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 40

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 40

There is a lot of (conflicting) information out there that is difficult to get your head around so it’s no wonder that most of us give up or find it too tedious to attempt to decipher.

I confess that if I had been double jabbed and suffered no ill effects I probably would not give two hoots either… But I haven’t and here I am… πŸ™‚

The latest Public Health England (PHE) (now renamed National Institute for Health Protection (NIHP)) stats for week 40 published Thursday 7th October 2021 show 1711 deaths between week 36 and week 39, 2021. [My apologies! I made a mistake here referring only to the 80+ age range. The total was actually 3671. The corrected figures are highlighted in bold below.]

183 (10.7%) [752 (20.5%)] of these deaths are among the (dirty πŸ’©) unvaccinated, 8 (<1%) [39 [1%)] are “unlinked” (whatever that means) and 1520 (88.8%) [2880 (78.4%)] are vaccinated πŸ˜‡and mostly double jabbed.

I don’t profess to understand the last two columns referring to rates – [EDIT – I think these are case rates and not death rates] which seem to indicate that deaths among the unvaccinated are worse at 145.1 (71.65%)  than among the vaccinated at 57.4 (28.35%). Maybe this is a cumulative figure that includes SARS-CoV-2 deaths in total before vaccinations had been widely rolled out and I still believe that vaccinations are useful for elderly, immunocompromised, comorbid (aka fat) and otherwise vulnerable people.

But my simple brain is just looking at deaths in the most recent period.

And if, using my simple maths, you just assumed that the vaccines (at best) made no difference to deaths then you would expect that if 70% (say) of the population has been vaccinated (and that vaccinations made no difference to the outcome) that 70% of vaccinated people would die.

But between weeks 36 to 39, 2021, in the UK, circa 90% [78%] of the deaths were in the vaccinated. This would make sense if the vaccinations (i) make no difference to mortality and (ii) on the basis that 90% [78%] of the UK population have been vaccinated.

Vaccination levels in the UK are NOT at 90% [78%] which means that proportionately more vaccinated people appear to be dying of SARS-CoV-2, at least between weeks 36 to 39 – ie., most recently, than dirty πŸ’© unvaccinated people like me.

This indicates to me that either the vaccines are killing people or in simple terms facilitating SARS-CoV-2 to do the same.

This is not rocket science folks, nor controversial.

Always follows the science …. the truth is out there somewhere …