The Domestication of Humans.

The Domestication of Humans.

UPDATE: It’s happening in China


This is a frivolous and fictional piece by me bought about, these days, because I’m spending too much time behind my desk listening to great tunes and reading; and not getting enough social interaction. I hope it’s not prescient.

By way of background, I have always believed that the politicians are TOO STUPID to be part of a global conspiracy. However, they ARE adept at manipulating the masses otherwise they wouldn’t have been elected by us monkeys in the first place.

So, what if a cabal, more intelligent than the politicians, is manipulating them?

Well, I do think that this is a possibility.

But, I’ve always discounted this theory because, in my reasoning, such a cabal would comprise powerful and intelligent humans with … EGOS.

And, unfortunately that would be their downfall because egos would get in the way.

Disagreements and infighting would result and the Illuminati Committee (IC) would fail to get things done.

But I do hope they don’t get their shit together.

Because if they can stitch together an alliance of world leaders that already have their populations boxed up like Christmas presents – think Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Yong Un, Myanmar military – and the rest of us follow, because of my fiction below becoming a fact, then we are all totally ROYALLY SCREWED.

Here’s the fiction…. minutes from their last Committee meeting

The Domestication of Humans.

This has been ongoing for a very long time, but in recent years we are finally close to complete success, mostly due to the effectiveness of the SARS-CoV-19 epidemic of 2019/2020/2021.

It had not been anticipated that the general human population would be so compliant under such conditions, and the results are beyond our wildest dreams.

Within the next 10 years we predict that very few wild humans will exist in the wider world or outside of Uyghur-like re-education centres.


The methods of control we have used are as follows:

1. Religion (historic but waning usefulness)

2. Fear (possibly the best method of control)

3. Credit (purchase of technology and housing through credit creates a form of slavery that is at least as effective as Religion)

4. Greed (usually effective – and fortunately a permanent and persistent trait in humans)

5. Sex (timeless – used more selectively for marketing and persuasion/coercion – does not work with all humans and may need to be tailored, for varying tastes, accordingly)

6. Drugs (always powerful – but now coordinated state-wide dispersal will supercede Fear for ultimate control when the rolling “vaccination” program succeeds)


In the past, humans, being intelligent social herding animals, responded well to a carrot and stick approach (Religion) through religions espousing eternal damnation to sinners and rewarding the faithful.

However, in recent times, with advances in, and consumption of, technology (appeasement with iPhones and Facebook/Instagram, for example) and the retreat of superstition, Credit has superceded Religion as a means of controlling the masses.

And Greed works very well as a powerful motivator and, when combined with Credit, ensures general slavery to a system of work.

A system of work designed so that the masses can service their Credit.

Thus ensuring that the rich get richer.

However, we have found that Fear (SARS-CoV-2) currently tops the list as a form of control.

In the future, when we have introduced mandatory Digital Vaccination Passports (DVP), we will be able to contol the masses through access to services such as travel and entertainment (non-holders of Vaccination Passports will, initially, be restricted to effective house arrest as they will not be able to go anywhere and, ultimately, will be excluded from wider society by being sent to re-education camps where they will be “vaccinated” anyway).

The finer aspects of population control will be achieved through Drugs by ensuring that the less compliant DVP holders receive “injected therapy” (IT) on their next rolling top-up innoculation cycle.

Sex will be used as it has always been used – for fine control; although in combination with Drugs it may also be quite effective (think of Aldous Huxley’s soma)

We look forward to exploring this new chapter of control. What a Brave New World.

Fiction ends….

Personally I think that Europe is going to be a tough nut for my fictional illuminati to crack because they are such a factious bunch – Europe not the EC. πŸ˜‰

I thought us Brits would be too.

But we are just pussycats who have had 75 years to get too comfortable, complacent and fat.

Where did all our cynicism go?