My lockdown audiofool quest

My lockdown audiofool quest

I think that we’ve all been in a world never experienced before for at least 12 months.

Giving some of us lucky ones the time to indulge ourselves in stuff and to levels that we would not normally.

For me, this indulgence has been audio gear and mountain biking.

I’ve been moving steadily up the audiofool food chain based on reviews that I understand rather than the esoteric.

What I’ve learned is to buy stuff that people with similar audio tastes like, rather than to place too much faith in reviews.

And that you do get what you pay for – until you reach a certain level.

After that “certain point” results become nuanced and some addictions to the latest and greatest can become profound with audiophile descriptions approaching the metaphysical.

And differences in audio become minimal – particularly to my aged ears.

Also, I don’t understand much of the language.

And neither can I be bothered to learn it.

That’s telling in my mind.

Listening is what matters ……

The Law of Diminishing Returns springs to mind.

Still, I suppose there are worse addictions.

I think I’ve reached the end of this quest.