Taxing obscene wealth….

Taxing obscene wealth….

This subject is on my mind recently; I have a lot of stuff bubbling around the aether in my head…..

The gulf between gates/bezos/musk and the seriously lazily unemployed is huge.

And if the meat in this particular sandwich becomes sufficiently motivated to do something about it then we are talking about revolution.

But how we tax obscene wealth is not clear to me yet.

And to be fair to the aforementioned there is a certain amount of philanthropy that these individuals put back.

But many don’t put back.

I will try and add to this subject as things become clearer to me..

And I will leave you with some random thoughts that I’m posting here to remind me to write further on these subjects…

1) The illuminati don’t exist because people in/behind/of power are simply just not intelligent enough (in terms of emotion, trust, altuism and timeframe) to act in concert in the ways we envisage.

2) Technology will either save us or destroy us (see 3 below).

3) Nuclear fusion may save humanity because it will enable the seriously unmotivated/unable/disabled amongst us to chill out for free until the earth becomes too small for us in which case see (2) above – ie., more real estate is required …… (see 4 below)

4) Last year I thought that we would need another earth to colonise as this one will become too small for us.. But I seriously had NO idea how big Siberia is … there is a mountain range there that rival’s the Himalayas for paragliding…. maybe global warming is not going to be so bad after all?!

5) I’m less excited about machine learning and AI this week (this is really a note to self) as I cannot see i) how it will evolve the heuristic human approach to problem solving and (ii) even if it does, how can it ever be as efficient as the human brain?

And a final thought…. if the illuminati DO exist then Dominic Cummings is a fully paid up member hidden in plain sight…. try and read his blog.

He seriously needs an executive summary otherwise it’s tldr.

Final, final thought. Who on earth would want to be a world leader?? It’s a shit job. Where would you find the time to go mountain biking and paragliding ffs.