Stinky breath…

Stinky breath…

TLDR: Bad breath may increase your chances of dying from Covid-19

I read an awesome book in my teens, Papillon, all about some dude’s escape from a french prison island.

To get himself into the medical ward, as part of his escape, he used cotton to floss his really dirty teeth and then threaded this through his thigh using a needle.

Well, it turns out that periodontitis (gum disease – the cause of halitosis – bad breath) may increase your chances of dying if you catch Covid-19.

…. because when those hard arse bad mofo really stinky bacteria are back inhaled into your already fucked up lungs then things can turn really nasty quickly (my imagination and words – the article says “gum disease can be a sign of inflammation throughout the body” – yeah right. In my book that’s a nice way of saying that generally you don’t take care of yourself and no one who loves you ever told you that your breath stinks).

So add this to the comorbidity list.

Clean up folks and floss regularly – these are great.

This has been a public service announcement ……