OK – I’m going to try and be serious(ly offensive)

OK – I’m going to try and be serious(ly offensive)

I am of the opinion that anyone who has not taken, at least, a passing concern to the health of their body is part of this covid-19 problem.

Your body is your best asset!

It houses your mind.

Please take care of it.

You only have the one.

Because it is free does not mean it’s cheap!

I am an unashamed fattist. And I struggle to contain my BMI.

The point is ….. I’m still struggling.

And most people (because I’m in the minority) have just let go!

There is a sense that society will take care of YOU even if you haven’t bothered to take care of YOU.

But, in reality what that means is that we all have to take care of YOU.

WE have to be locked down because of YOU.

And we don’t know the science yet – a wooden chopping board that is harder to clean than a glass or plastic chopping board may, counterintuitively, be safer to use despite being less sterile.

It could be just because wood has antibacterial properties that sterile surfaces don’t possess. Or because, harmless bacteria compete with the harmful ones for space on the wooden board.

And, let’s remember, we have more bacterial cells in our guts than human cells in our bodies.

And we’re still finding out what that means!

We will come to live with what is essentially a cold virus too. But lockdowns are not the answer.

Remember, the virus wants to live and have kids too – if it kills you too quickly it’s not efficient at reproducing because it kills its host.

And it’s competing with all the other covid-19 virus strains.

The virus is evolving.

Let it evolve.

We will both evolve together.

Vaccines may help.

But remember ….

Bats have survived without lockdowns.

Or vaccines..

AND lockdowns may even be harmful because they let isolated malign strains become dominant in small contained/locked down populations – just like harmful bacterial colonies on a “too clean” chopping board.

And, I’ve said this before in jest, but now I’m serious.

There are no fat bats.

That’s just survival of the fittest (NOT the fattest).

Evolution (NOT EVILution – nature is just doing its thing).

Get a grip people and take responsibility for yourselves.