New acronym incoming ….

New acronym incoming ….

snoscunts = dozy fuckers

I probably need to put some context around this as it is a bit vulgar I know so my apologies for that.

It popped out of my head from nowhere during a whatsapp rant to some friends (!?) who failed to even be alive * (nevermind actually respond) to an ice bbq invite I sent out where an idea of numbers was important.

To those who did respond – thanks and, for the record, you are not snoscunts. You know who you are πŸ˜ƒ

Shan’t be bothering with the rest who are all geting a bit old and useless anyway (age is no excuse for uselessness btw)

Move on and keeping trying to surround yourself with inspirational people (of all ages!)

Leave the snocunts to their own devices I say ….

* some of them may actually be dead 😲