My recent covid diary….

My recent covid diary….

Last Thursday …. 29th July ….

I suspect I’ll have covid in the next day or so. My youngest son bought it back from a festival last weekend and now Karen my wife is developing symptoms and about to book her confirmatory test… ho hum. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Friday 30th July …

Karen’s positive btw – alot of noisy coughing and spluttering in bed at 3 am this morning- I had to leave the room πŸ™„ … But when is she NOT noisy! She’s gone for her official test this morning and says she’s had worse colds … one of the lucky ones .. but overall she’s relieved to finally have it after all the scary stories.. So far 3 of my kids and my wife have had it.. It’s not nice… My uncle died of it last year but he was an alcoholic and living in Nigeria …

Today…  Sunday 1st August – to my mountain biking group….

Much as I want to ride I’m going to take it easy today : give it a miss.  Feeling fine but with Will and Karen recovering at home I don’t want to tempt fate….

Today…  Sunday 1st August – to my paragliding guru in France who asked how I was feeling….

haha – i think i’ve had a few assaults over the last 18 mths … tickly cough, earache. headache… all lasting hours not days and only notable because of all the fear floating around … this week I’ve been trying really hard to get it … sleeping with my ill wife until her coughing in my face meant i couldn’t sleep… Telling my son to take his mask off ffs in my house! Hopefully I’ll get it soon! Cancelled my ride this morning with the boys as I feel a little tired this morning and don’t want them to get it (if I’m a super spreader 😱) as we still have some kick ass enduro mtb trails to build for our next comp (I was out with my mattock digging yesterday though)  …..fingers crossed. heh
Karen’s feeling much better i can tell because she’s talking alot again🀭