Machine learning/neural networks update.

Machine learning/neural networks update.

I thought I’d update my blog with where I’m at regarding my machine learning and neural networks project.

A close academic friend of mine, “CAF”, has got me excited about machine learning and neural networks.


So far I have my linux AI development PC setup for deep learning using the latest Nvidia GPU with Docker and Tensorflow. I’ve tested the hardware and scalability using the basic “mnist” tutorial using a docker container running on my GPU, rather than using Google’s online platform (

I am working my way through an course entitled “Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python” and have also been doing some research as to what dataset I can work on to practically help me understand and use the concepts properly.

Because I am interested in stock markets and because I came across a tutorial (,

I thought my first project would be to train and use a model to predict future stock prices (I should note that the model examples all do very badly at this using historical Google data).

This is probably not an ideal dataset for me to use for too many reasons to go into here.

CAF has been working with commercial data and training models for companies on the Isle of Man, although I have no idea what form they take as he is bound by strict NDA’s.

What I am looking for.

I had the idea of approaching one of the gaming companies here on the Island and asking for a historical dataset of, for example, horse racing results and horse/jockey statistics.

In hindsight, and perhaps understandably, this may result in metaphorical doors being slammed in my face, because such data is a valuable commodity. 

And I would not presume to be able to come up with a model to predict racing results, but I might come up with something interesting/useful.

I am quite happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Perhaps the data could be anonymised for me even.

Other news.

On a less serious note I wrote a piece called New World Economics last month and I note that President Trump has picked up on this as per this article I read in the Financial Times today: Trump says Fed ‘boneheads’ should cut rates to zero or lower.

I have also bought a new racier paraglider with my trip to Brazil in mind. I hope it doesn’t kick my backside (too much anyway).

And, the new iphone 11 pro was announced yesterday, a snip at £1,299.00….. so, I have just bought a Xiaomi Mi 9t pro, which is an android phone with similar specs for £435. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Bye for now