Informed choice my arse .. the following post is from my FB profile; it’s useful to me but may be removed from social media. I want to keep it thanks.

Informed choice my @r$e….

I’m not anti-vaccination.

In my life I’ve had the following vaccinations:

yellow fever, cholera, smallpox, typhoid, hepatitus A, polio, tuberculosis, measles mumps and rubella, tetanus, diptheria and flu (multiple variants)

I still haven’t been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 …

I read the following and now consider myself informed.












Remember that it wasn’t that long ago that  Alan Turing was forced to chemically castrate himself for being homosexual.

I have two salient points to make here:

Firstly authoritarian/totalitarian regimes start from the bottom up and the meople (the bottom) at this time thought that homosexuality was an abberation and that it was fair of the authorities (the top – they later apologised probably after the vociferous meople had scattered; so that’s OK then) to deal with this abberation in this way (how enlightened we are now – the IRONY is intended).

Secondly – without Alan Turing’s genius I probably wouldn’t be typing this as he invented the precursor to the PC.

Alan Turning committed suicide at 41 years of age.

Think about that the next time you judge someone with your pre-programmed, easy path, smug, ignorant, fully vaccinated, stupid indignation.