“In his autumn ‘fore the winter, comes man’s last mad surge of youth.”

“In his autumn ‘fore the winter, comes man’s last mad surge of youth.”

And so starts The Chameleon’s classic “Don’t Fall“.

It reminds me of Putin, his actions against Ukraine in the early hours of this morning and his (veiled nuclear) threat to the rest of the world regarding reactionary intervention.

He certainly caught the west with their pants down.

This is a very dangerous pivot point for the world; far more significant than any of the wars that we have witnessed in the middle east in recent decades.

But, also remember, this is a western world where:

1) lgbtqia2s+ “virtue signalling” exists (for the record, I’m not against people being different),

2) people worry too much about other people’s feelings in the stifling of free speech, (eg., don’t upset the furries ffs) and

3) Trudeau, for example, is using “Putinesque” draconian emergency powers to persecute a large proportion of the Canadian population who refuse to accept a medical procedure.

So, what is the point of this rant?

I think, to put SARS-CoV-2 into perspective and the mask wearing hysteria that has taken off throughout the world.

What Putin is doing in Ukraine is of far greater significance.

And what worries me the most, is that based on the spineless reaction of the mask wearing majority, certainly here in the UK, to SARS-CoV-2, the western world has shown a very soft underbelly to the East; as evidently our Western populations are at least as cowable as those in the East (looking at you China).

But, for example, in Poland, they have more recent memories of oppression, and, unfortunately, I believe that Ukrainians who stay in Ukraine, recognising an existential crisis, may fight to the death.

Whereas, in the UK, the brave people are in the minority as far as I’m concerned.

Lord help us if we got invaded!

So, what is the meaning of the title? Well Putin is getting old and may well want to go down in history as the man who started World War 3.

So man up world! More bones less scats please.

And, to end on a brighter note, oil is doing very well today.