I’m in remission

I’m in remission

I think I’m in remission.

These are my first headphones and amplifier, the T+A Solitaire P and HA 200.

I bought these almost a year ago to cut to the chase, and sample some of the very best in an attempt to stop the continual very expensive audio gear upgrade cycle i was in.

It seems to have worked.

I’ve had a long journey up the iem (earphone) and dap (music player) food chain, culminating in some sony ier-z1rs and 64audio nios, which I still have plus a chordelectronics poly/mojo and an ak sr15.

I wanted to buy an oriolus trailli because of all the positive noise on head-fi.org and possibly a new dap.

But instead I bought the T+A Solitaire P and HA 200 as I figured, based on some advice from @MatW who I think has similar hearing preferences (this is not the same as audio taste – I am not into metal) to me, that these would be better than the trailli (his view was that top of the line (totl) headphones beat totl iems still these days, although the gap is getting smaller).

The thing is, obviously the headphones and amp are better than the daps/iems I own, but not by a huge margin to my ears.

And the Solitaire Ps sound pretty damned good out of my phone and a violectric chronos dongle too (bought after the headphones I admit but only because I got a new phone without a 3.5mm socket).

I still stalk head-fi.org since I got booted off (I don’t do well on some social media platforms which is why I have my own websiteπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ) for spitting the dummy in the ie900 thread, but my ears and the T+A gear have shown me that either I am deaf or that sometimes people get carried away in their descriptions of differences in the sounds of new audio gear in their pursuit of perfection; and some seem to turn over a lot of very expensive gear too.

Despite, apparently having found perfection (many times it seems).

For now I am content. The mojo 2 does sound nice though. πŸ˜‰

PS. Links to manufacturers websites are provided for no other reason than because I have had a good service from some (chordelectronics in particular) – not so good from others – Sony – looking at you.