I tried my hand at vlogging today. It was a bit raw. I can’t possibly share

I tried my hand at vlogging today. It was a bit raw. I can’t possibly share


Let’s just say that I’d be a disaster as a politician.

I had some points to make that will get me into much less trouble if I write them down.

They relate to my last post that shows a high correlation by country between SARS-CoV-2 deaths per million and levels of obesity.

I may have come across as a bit frivolous.

Conspiracy context

I have friends who believe that Bill Gates is orchestrating a vaccine induced mass die off of humans as part of a conspiracy to depopulate the earth; apparently he is doing this to save the Earth from Humanity.

I don’t yet subscribe to this for reasons I have posted here.

However, if I did, I would go the whole hog and say that SARS-CoV-2 was engineered as a bio-weapon to achieve the same result.

And the indication is that it is targeting healthy young people (< 40 years of age) with elevated BMI’s and the elderly and frail.

Battery farming

I made a post here that states simply:


battery chickens = bird flu;

battery pigs = swine flu;

battery humans = covid 19

The point I was making here was that it seems that we have turned some countries in the world into battery farms for humans.


… and battery farms consume a lot of resources, which appears to be the problem as:

Humans are literally eating the earth; whether it be consuming fossil fuels for energy and warmth; rare earths for iPhones; rainforests for palm oil and beef; etc.; etc.;

Joining the dots

This was what I was trying to do badly with my vlog!

The phrase/words I used:


in this context it means consumption as defined above (but obviously in my mind because I am an apologetic fattist I conflate obesity with humans consuming the world *);

be fattened“;

in this context it refers to battery farming, and

get slaughtered“;

again battery farming but in the context of conspiracy theory global depopulation and selective control (it doesn’t mean “very drunk πŸ₯΄”).

And finally…

I made the point that regardless of the outcome of this pandemic I will be on the winning side as posted here:


But I want to be on the right side and ironically that is on the side of the people that I seem to most offend.

I love (most of) you really. 😁

* here I am revealing my innate fascist tendencies – but the best game keepers used to be poachers … if I stop posting you will know that I have gone over to the dark side.