Google to Enforce HSTS on TLDs it Operates

Google to Enforce HSTS on TLDs it Operates

OK. So what does that mean exactly?

In a nutshell, Google is going to get stricter with websites that don’t secure themselves with an encrypted connection – the “https” bit of a secure connection.

But at the moment it only applies to “top level domains” or TLDs that they operate, and they don’t operate many mainstream TLDs such as .com or, for example.

But ignore Google at your peril!

How are your website search results going to be affected when Google decide that only https secured websites are going to do well in search rankings?

The good news? The good news is that these days it’s really easy and cheap to secure your website with an SSL (https) certificate. Plus it’s good for you!

I thought I was doing really well back in May to get one for only $9 for the year..!

But you can get them for FREE at the Let’s Encrypt website.