Economic doom and gloom I’m afraid ⛈️

Economic doom and gloom I’m afraid ⛈️

Happy Easter Sunday everybody 😃!

This article recently caught my attention, possibly because its title is ‘Hyper-inflation depression is here’ as Wile E. Coyote moment ‘is coming’, warns R. Kiyosaki.

And I loved the road runner cartoons moment, referred to, where old Wile E runs off the cliff, legs pedalling briefly, before he plunges down ….

The article is about the impending collapse of stock markets and fiat currencies and recommends stocking up on gold, silver and crypto$ before it does.

But, a little more concerning to me, was reference to a January 2022 “Survey: Less than half of Americans have savings to cover a $1,000 surprise expense”.

I have posted in the past about Americans and guns (here, I was wrong about the British public being a rebellious bunch), and also made a rather naive post in April 2021 entitled Authoritarian regimes and why I think we are going to be OK in the UK, that touches on the same subject (here, I was wrong about the independence, impartiality and objectivity of the mainstream media).

The problem I see with America, is of course, that you don’t want 40% of its population resorting to armed conflict because they’ve run out of food and money, and there is, as we’re beginning to see with the rampant inflation that’s taking off in much of the world, only so much that Quantitative Easing and helicopter money can achieve, as a new socialist panacea, when basic resources such as fuel and food are becoming scarce.

Is the perfect storm brewing; the one that will end the hegenomy of the (sanctions weaponised) US$ and the US economy? After all, China has had much more practise at socialism than the USA.

But, I’ve been wrong before; I hope, I’m wrong again!