Anyone feel sorry for Dominic Cummings..?

Anyone feel sorry for Dominic Cummings..?

Yesterday I kept turning the TV on (voyeuristically) and off (angrily) watching Dominic Cummings deal live with one angry journalist after another, purporting to represent the whipped up frenzied “view” of the people, one of which is me!? (NOT – obviously).

A rare tweet by me yesterday during his interrogation sums up my feelings….

“Watching the british media grill Cummings is turning my stomach. It’s nothing but a miserable little witch hunt whipped up [sic] a bitter media and small minded self publicists. I feel sorry for the guy and shame on the british press and other hangers on.”

We have heard a lot about the “blitz” mentality and how nice everyone is being to each other during lockdown. But there are also a lot of miserable bitter little curtain twitching namby pampy scats out there who, bored out of their skulls, have nothing better to do than eat and rail angrily at whatever media storm the snoutlets can whip up.

Trump has a point about fake news I’m afraid. Cummings explicitly stated he hadn’t stayed at his parents home (he had according to every news channel I saw). His parents may, for all I know, live on a country estate somewhere in Durham which has a couple of houses on it and he stayed on the estate. But that’s different to what was being reported. You may think he’s an arrogant elitist privileged scumbag but that’s not the point! I thought shacks had some code of conduct, something about impartiality and objectivity perhaps!?

And ffs where was all the 2m social distancing during the media scrum outside his home.

And Boris, bless him, has loyally stuck by Cummings, despite the easiest and most politically expedient action for him being to sack Cummings and immediately diffuse the problem.

And I do hope one or two vocal boneless critics out there get caught with their pants down bending or breaking some lockdown rule or other. The backlash will be hilarious.

Thanks. I feel much better now!