Why I’m hoping to avoid having a vaccine.

Why I’m hoping to avoid having a vaccine.

This is a follow up post to the one I did here on the whole vaccine/world domination conspiracy theory and concerns the new vaccine technologies.

Whilst, before considering all of what follows, I was ambivalent about getting a Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) vaccination, now I’m pretty sure I don’t want one – yet!

Please don’t get me wrong; I think that eventually these new technologies will ultimately benefit mankind by curing viral infections and cancers.

I’m all for vaccinations – I’ve had a fair few, so far including typhoid, yellow fever, more choleras and tetanus than I care to remember, hepatitis (A, I think), measles mumps and rubella (hence my aspergers – that’s supposed to be a joke by the way), tuberculosis and smallpox. And, please don’t call me a communist, I’d have the Chinese SinoVac vaccine if it was available to me because it’s a good old-fashioned “inactivated virus” vaccine.

This is also why I’m foldingathome.

I just believe, based on the evidence that I’ve read, that there is a small chance that these new Covid-19 vaccines may have got it wrong and could, in fact, make things worse.

So, I’m not prepared to be an early adopter lab rat yet.

I will take my chances with Covid-19 as I’m fit and have a sensible BMI.

If I was elderly and/or fat or had other comorbidities such as diabetes or heart disease [or I was, for example, a politician and my career depended on having it], then, on balance I would probably have a vaccination.

Hopefully it will be a mild infection when I get it.

Now, I’ve been sent a few videos by angry treehugging anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists and, until now, I’ve not managed to get through more than three or more minutes of watching before turning off.

However, this one, by Dr Tenpenny got my attention as it’s very credible because it addresses the science and not the conspiracy side of things.

Dr Tenpenny seems to have an alternative view to the mainstream on vaccinations, but in my book that’s OK; it’s good to question things otherwise the third reich might have had its way.

And, to be very clear, I don’t subscribe to her whole new world order decimation of mankind thing!

What follows is my summary of the science espoused by Dr Tenpenny, with some links thrown in by me because I always like to do as much independent research as possible and stay objective and optimistic. It’s quite compelling in my lay opinion.

Before I start, this is my understanding of RNA and how the Covid-19 infection works.

Basically, there are three main types of RNA in our cells, which collectively, in simple terms, are responsibe for building the many different proteins that our cells need to function correctly; messenger RNA contains the “recipe” to make a protein, transfer RNA determines the order in which the amino acids (protein building blocks) are put together and ribosomal DNA is responsible for assembling the protein.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is the one that’s causing all the excitement in the vaccine world at the moment and the one that concerns us re Covid-19. Normally, in the cell, mRNA is created by unzipping a section of your DNA (which is the “cookbook” using my analogy) and “printing” out a mirror image mRNA “recipe”. 

Covid-19 viruses have “spike” proteins on their surface that act like cellular grappling hooks allowing the virus to attach to and then attack your cells and subvert their protein making apparatus to make more of the virus before destroying the cells and moving on.

The virus also has a “cleaver” protein which is used to force access into the cell.

Now I’ll leap right in with the gist of Dr Tenpenny’s video ….

mRNA vaccines encode the Covid-19 spike protein and cause your cells to produce “spike” protein molecules (antigens) which mimic just the spike protein of Covid-19 and thereby encourage your body to produce an auto-immune response in the form of antibodies which are intended to attack and deal with the Covid-19 infection.

So far, so good.

The mRNA “recipe” for the spike protein should not get encoded in your DNA because that’s not how mRNA works but this may be possble indirectly via a process called transfection.

[NB., I don’t know much about transfection but this seems plausible to me because I DO know that our “human” DNA can contain chunks of exogenous viral DNA.]

As I stated above, the viral spike protein binds to a receptor on the surface of your cell allowing the virus to force entry into your cell and replicate.

However, the antibody created in response to the vaccine mRNA instructions is a type of non neutralising antibody (NNA) because it is tailored specifically and only for the spike (and not the entire virus). Its behaviour is therefore different to a neutralising antibody and may, in fact, itself cause auto-immune problems as described below.

An antibody is Y shaped – the V of the Y being called the fab segment and the tail, or stem, of the Y is called the fc segment.

The fab segment is what grabs the virus and neutralises it.

But apparently the fc segment of this NNA can be disruptive as it can bind to white blood cells (eosinophils, basophils) and other tissues and cause problems, for example, by interfering with macrophages (think of this type of white blood cell acting like a PACMAN  by gobbling up bacteria and viruses) and causing auto-immune disease.

Furthermore, it is possible that this “problem” NNA will continue to be produced after infection is over because of b-cell sensitization, even if it is not encoded, indirectly, into your DNA by transfection.

Therefore, the longevity and persistence, in your body, of both the NNA and the spike protein (which can lead to problems occuring upon unrelated coronavirus infection/re-infection as described below) is unknown.

Antibody dependent enhancement(ade) is a phenomenon occurring upon re-infection/re-exposure to a coronavirus, for example a cold or covid variant, and is caused by NNAs where your macrophage neutrophils (white blood cells) trap the virus (by phagocytosis) but fail to destroy it AND THEN, like trojan horses, introduce the virus into cells thereby enhancing the infection process. (See Note 1 below)

Apparently, this has been known in studies conducted since 2005 into the development of a coronavirus vaccine, where test animals died resulting in the failure of the FDA to approve mRNA any vaccines for human trials.

Other problems with the spike protein (antigen) and NNA (antibody) are that they can pass through the blood brain barrier and corrupt brain proteins resulting in alzheimers and dementia.

Mention was also made to cytokines, proteins which are released as part of the natural immune response to fight infection.

These are triggered by one of two types of macrophage upon infection of the body.

Macrophages – type 1 – can be thought of as the immune system’s “hit squad” causing the local release of cytokines and natural killer T cells – T lymphochytes  – that attack pathogens and generally wreak havoc in the form of inflammation, fever and cellular destruction in order to kill the infection.

Macrophages – type 2 – are analagous to firefighters coming in as the infection is coming under control to put out the fire, as it were, by neutralising the cytokines and cleaning up the resulting mess.

Unfortunately, however, the fc of the NNA attaches to type 2 macrophages and inactivates them so that they never show up to calm things down resulting in a cytokine storm (a hyperinflammatory response) which continues for longer than normal causing even more damage than it should.

Finally, delivery of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer/Moderna) to the body requires the vaccine to be coated with a lipid (fatty) membrane containing polyethylene glycol which is an allergen.

And the Johnson & Johnson vaccine eschews mRNA in favour of just the spike protein which is encapsulated inside an adenovirus (rather than a lipid membrane) in order to carry spike proteins into your cells. Adenoviruses can have oncological effects ie., causing or curing cancer by turning on/off oncological (cancer) genes existing but quietly minding their own business inside your own DNA.

The AstraZeneca vaccine combines attributes from both of the above! [these are my words – Dr Tenpenny did not refer to it] And it uses double stranded DNA as opposed to mRNA to code for the spike protein. There is a useful article here.
Cutting edge stuff, this!!

Stay sage!

Note 1This paper was published on 24th February 2021. The summary states:

“Given past data on multiple SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV vaccine efforts have failed due to ADE in animal models (75, 81), it is reasonable to hypothesize a similar ADE risk for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and vaccines.”