Some entertainment at last?

Some entertainment at last?

OK – hopefully this is going to entertain some people and others I am sure it will offend.

But you can’t please everybody.

A good, well informed and (I like to think) intelligent friend of mine sent me a facebook link to a vaccination conspiracy video which the authors think will imminently be taken down (so the link might not work for you).

This is a 37 minute video like the one I talked about recently – but which I watched until the end.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like a good conspiracy theory but I only got 4 minutes and 33 seconds into this video because it was made for meople and faxxers; there is a reason why FB may take it down!

What I can say is how compelling a little bit of truth can be in creating a feasible conspiracy theory.

I can summarise the bit I watched as follows:

The interviewee prefaces what follows with an impressive list of medical credentials so I continue to watch until I stop…. (my comments are within brackets and italicised)

“there has never been a vaccine like this; it is an RNA vaccine (true – RNA vaccines are new – so far none have been approved for human use);

it will fundamentally change peoples DNA (I don’t believe that this is gene editing in the terms of say crispr – more likely it is to do with epigenetics where RNA affects the way that genes are expressed – but not scary – our DNA is always changing with replication where errors creep in – certainly our telomeres get shorter which is why we get old!)

and what I particularly don’t like apart from the toxic metals (true – aluminium hydroxide exists in vaccines and this is controversial)

which will effectively turn our bodies into 5G antennaes (just meh like 5G – none standardised high frequency bandwidth – requiring ubiquitous small box antennaes – which will be blocked by the cats sitting in front of them!),

this vaccine will have non-human DNA which will make us into chimeras (not scary – it may have non-human dna but i doubt it will alter our genome; also we are already chimeras having a lot in common with sea urchins and neanderthals; AND a lot of our DNA is superfluous too!)

What is worse is there is a patent, and work they have done at MIT to make a dye called luciferase, that under a light (it would be UV) you’d be able to see who was vaccinated, who wasn’t (true for jellyfish and sheep – but I think that you’d have to be born with this gene – like an albino – and not merely innoculated with it for this to work!)

The deal is to take your biometric data, using nano particles – little robots – like mini antennaes and store it in the cloud (obviously she has no idea how much this would cost at the rates that Amazon and Microsoft charge!)

What’s even more concerning is that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation on 26th March 2020 applied for patent 060606 (obviously they have a sense of humour unlike the interviewee)

to use a biometric barcode for each of us and connect it to a cryotocurrency so that we would literally become slaves to the system” (here is where I stopped watching as I know that blockchain tech – she calls it cryptocurrency through her ignorance – is just not there yet – it is feasible but not yet possible and the closest candidate would be a feeless system like iota which is still in development!).


NOW, this is where I’m going to get into trouble but here goes; this is the dialogue with my friend:

ME: a heady mix; a pinch of knowledge, a huge amount of ignorance distorting facts into an alternate reality but i suppose it is magic mushroom season… maybe in a 100 years this distopian [sic] reality could happen but our tech is not ready yet. Believe me! Unless the alien [sic] are involved!

HIM: Why so much hysteria about such a weak flu?  Why shut  the whole planet down ?
Questions questions πŸ€”

ME: that’s just politicians – believe me they’re not that clever and the tech is only nascent

ME: it’s the politically correct route for politicians not letting too many fatties die (see also here and here)

ME: which is what 50% of our population?

ME: Obesity rates among adults in the UK have almost quadrupled in the last 25 years, and now around 1 in 4 fall into this category. What’s more, over 60% of adults are classed as overweight or obese, leaving only 40% of women and 33% of UK men.

HIM: Scary future – at least we are in 33%, keep in eating I say πŸ˜€

PS. There are no fat bats!