Now I’m possibly going to get into trouble…..

Now I’m possibly going to get into trouble…..

OK. From the outset of this post I have to a make a few things clear.

Firstly, I am fatist (not to be confused with fascist, and hopefully people who land here may be able to tell the difference).

Just to be clear, the holocaust was awful and I only have problems with gingers (only joking because I know gingers can take it!).

Every other creed and colour is fine – and if you have religion that’s OK too – just don’t prosetylise to me please.

I am neither a mysogynist, nor do I suffer mysandry.

Meanness to anyone in between is NOT OK.

I struggle to contain a bmi of 25.

I am married with kids.

I am caucasian.

I am heterosexual.

I am not racist.

I have NO problems with anyone who is NOT like me.

But, WOKE people, get this.

Firstly, I’m already AWAKE.

Secondly, you now make me feel like I am in a minority.

Just by watching the adverts on TV, where everyone is either B, F or G.