Little wireless wonders 🎧

Little wireless wonders 🎧

Well I’ve been living with the #Technics #az80 for almost 12 weeks now and since then they’ve been with me on two paragliding trips and two mountain biking trips (3x to france and once to spain).

They are robust!

And for portability (and ease of use) they blow my other “portable” stuff – #aksr15 #chordmojo2 #64audionio #sonyierz1r – out of the water.

On the sound front – to my old ears – they are comparable to all of the above.

But tonight, for the first time, I sat down and did a one on one comparison with my T+A Solitaire P headphones and companion HA 200 headphone amp.

Now, I was booted off some years ago but I’ll wager that this is a comparison that would have the audiophiles there sucking their teeth in disapproval.

These little technics wireless wonders – whilst obviously not sounding as good as a top flight open backed headphone matched to it’s own dac and amplifier – are not too far behind in technicalities imo.

But please bear in mind that my ears are old and I never understood the nuanced navel gazing language of

But neither do I have to try to sell you anything.

For Β£260 they are a bargain.