I think this tweet is worth repeating here

I think this tweet is worth repeating here

[Edit 18 September 2023 – I recently came across the concept of social capital and I think this is my clumsy version below. Every day is a school day 😁]

I “score” people including myself. I can’t help it It’s probably a genetic predisposition.

Alcohol, cigarettes, too many cream cakes and not enough exercise, for example, reduce my personal assessment of my own score

Possibly because, through experience, I become a less effective, efficient and happy human being. Currently I don’t worry about alcohol, cigarettes, cream cakes or exercise; as a result I’m generally unbearably happy.

I don’t worry about #covid either after the reality of having it, nor about #covidvaccines as I’m #unvaccinated.

Consumption is the key.

What you consume.

And how much..

This is your choice.

Own it.

I’m convinced I’ve made the right choices so far. But I’m always curious to explore why other people make the choices that they do. And twitter is a wonderful way of doing that.

And I’m learning how to listen and be more patient, rather than firing at the hip, so to speak.

But if I can’t “see” you, I can’t score you

And a nil score by default, will get you zero engagement.

Finally “consumption” is not restricted to the abovementioned and can be bad or good for you or even somewhere in between.

For example, imo: Too much “bullshit” is bad for you.

Too much “help” can also be bad for you.

You have to work it out for yourself.

But you can never laugh too much 😁