Exercising power ⚡

Exercising power ⚡

Although I’m an extrovert I don’t like a show-off – hypocritical I know – so I always question my motives for putting myself and my family “out there”.

The last time I had a stab at posting why I put my head above the proverbial parapet was in a post called More baring of 🦴’s where I concluded that it is because I have strong opinions that I wish to air.

And, of course, I could do this anonymously, like many do, but for me personally an argument carries more weight if the correspondent has the courage (and the ability) to strip away their anonymity.

Today, it dawned on me that it’s not all about the message; it’s also about the courage to deliver it.

The courage to act.

And courage equals power.

And in a world where we seem to be ruled by idiots, your silence is their power.

So, I’m exercising my power.

And more of us ought to be doing so because our freedom of speech is being eroded day by day.

If more of us don’t stand up and exercise our power, one day it will be taken away from us.

Take back your power.

I doesn’t matter if we disagree.

If you’ve got this far (and you can be arsed) the academic in this 9 minute video below eloquently sums up the history of the situation that we are now in and the relevance of my post.