Covid vaccine uptake in England πŸ’‰

Covid vaccine uptake in England πŸ’‰

Cumulative data up to week 26 2022 (week ending 3 July 2022)

There are 9,375,244 peeps unvaccinated in England if you choose to look at the UK government latest stats … [pdf embedded below🀞🏼]

That’s excluding the kids! In total it’s closer to 16 million if you include the under 18’s…

No one pays me to look at this data but someone paid the BBC and they got it wrong .. shoddy or sinister.

You decide.

Source links are in my google sheet below.

Please note that the table on vaccination uptake published by the ONS (see image above) is incorrect; this lack of professionalism is shocking – the table doesn’t add up properly – eg., nims cohort total – per @ons = 63.4m – but actually adding the figures gives an actual total of 60.3m (sheet below). An error of circa 3m is not insignificant.

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