Colden Plantation🤪🚵‍♂️

Colden Plantation🤪🚵‍♂️

Manx MTB Enduro hosted round 2, 2022 in Colden Plantation at the weekend.

It is only the second year that these trails have been used by Manx MTB Enduro and, as they’re pretty fresh/raw, they have a bit of a reputation when ridden wet (like last year).

And, unfortunately we had a big dump of rain on Friday🙁.

So it was wet again this year (but not as bad as last year so I am told).

I was a little worried so my objective this round (as usual) was to finish and not damage myself too much.

I’m glad to say, I largely succeeded although my phone took a hit for the team obviously.

But Xiaomi phones are VERY tough!

If you have FB here are some photos by Russ Moore and Pete Williamson.

The results are here.

Unsurprisingly the young and talented Isaac Batty came first; I was just above DNF😀, though I’m still learning new stuff!

You’ve got to get yourself over to the Isle of Man if you get the chance. We have some great trails and not just knarly ones!