BTC – more 🐻than🐂?

BTC – more 🐻than🐂?

A post, just for posterity really.

I’m not trading BTC – I’m buying iota instead but watching BTC as a guide and benchmark because all crypto$ fortunes are tied to it.

The 0.618 fib on my chart is around $28,700 and we’re now there.

So far, I have half my bag spent in tranches at 60c, 50c, 43c and 30c for mIOTA, so I’m ready for a dump or a pump.

As you can see from my blue line I was expecting a pump before we dumped… I got that wrong obviously.

Time will reveal all.

On an aside, this from today made me laugh out loud..

Co-founder of Terra Do Kwon said in a series of tweets that a plan is underway to return UST to its pegged value.  

That plan involves minting more LUNA, four times more than usual, in what the crypto world is calling “Kwontative easing.”

Do Kwon, Co-founder of Terra

Happy trading peeps 😁 and do your own research; this is not financial advice.

But, I tend to be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy🤔