An interesting analysis of the covid-19 data

An interesting analysis of the covid-19 data

An interesting analysis of the covid-19 data

If it’s TLDW, my 6 takeaways from this – based on the empirical data presented in the video – are as follows:

1) Human intervention has been ineffective and probably significantly more damaging to economies, lives and livelihoods.

2) The “dry tinder” effect. Seasonal mortality just prior to the covid-19 epidemic was very low – frail and susceptible people were effectively dry tinder to unfortunately be taken by this virus and it swept through populations very quickly in the early epidemic phase (we are now in the “casedemic” phase – see below).

3) Lockdowns don’t work; furthermore they can potentially be harmful by reducing the seasonal “safe infection” stage (which is in the summer in the northern hemisphere).

4) Masks are not effective for preventing the spread – evidence based analysis.

5) The second wave that is being talked about so much by the snoutlets is actually a casedemic – so called because the number of cases being detected is going up significantly because of more testing but the actual mortality is low and diminishing.

6) The distribution of the mortality/infection curve is different in the northern hemisphere to that in the southern hemisphere and the USA which spans both hemispheres is experiencing both rather than a second wave.

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