A confessional – sort of  πŸͺ‚

A confessional – sort of πŸͺ‚

My posts are like buses …. !?

This morning I tweeted ….

Countries on my blacklist are France, Italy, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I won’t be spending any money visiting them until their populations get their governments in order.


And as if by magic this came up this afternoon on my facebook feed; I booked it right away.

So, why confessional?

Because it clashes with the Mexican “day of the dead” enduro mountain biking trip that some of the dingbats have booked which I was thinking of doing.

… and I’ve not told them I won’t be able to make it. Let’s see if anyone notices.

But, this is THE trip I wanted to do in 2018 which I had to cancel because I fall off my mountain bike quite regularly.

Bonus: I don’t think that they’re too bothered about vaccination status in the Himalayas.

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