Who has the biggest atrocity ☠️?

Who has the biggest atrocity ☠️?

Bob Moran’s cartoon – pictured above – has kicked up quite a storm and caused people to fight over whose atrocity is worse that whose, like some ghoulish competition.

The argument that the palestinian people are solely culpable for the awful crimes commiteed by hamas terrorists because they elected them as their leaders – and therefore are somehow deserving of the trouncing that they are now getting – is just ridiculous.

Democracy is a farce everywhere you look in the world, especially in the West where it is gradually dawning on people that it is a decaying travesty.

The people have no real power.

Their leaders do not care about them.

And the people who have power are generally the ones with the guns, metaphorical or otherwise.

So you have to be careful how you tread around them.

Bob’s cartoon is horrific.

And what the palestinian terrorists did in Israel – to kick off this shit storm – was equally horrific.

But also masterminded by rich fat warmongers, just like Netanyahu, from their safe dens.

Not by ordinary people who are having the shit kicked out of them everywhere you look.