What is it about stuff?🎧

What is it about stuff?🎧

I love my stuff. I’m probably not alone.

What is it about stuff that makes us want more of it..?

Probably too much comfort. If I don’t have to worry about food and shelter then I can think about stuff..

When I was asked by my son-in-law’s parents over Christmas Dinner 2020 for some investment advice arising from my thoughts about New World Economics I said simply, “buy stuff!”.

And in my introspective prepper moments – when I worry about a future where I have to barter for food and fuel when I have no cash because I can’t access any of my digital assets (think bank balances etc.,) I can always fall back on stuff.

For example, I rip my cds and therefore I own my music; I don’t rent it via qobuz/spotify/tidal/youtube.

My kids are going to be so f$?cked if the internet goes down for too long…

Maybe collecting stuff for barter is one of our innate instincts.

Anyway, I’m just going to leave this here; my obvious delight with stuff!

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