Audio stuff 🎧

Audio stuff 🎧

Pictured above, Fiio utws5 and Sony ier-z1r.

Description: Fast food.

Use case: Walking the dog, taking a dump, rushing out of the house; something that just works quickly.

Chord electronics poly/mojo and 64audio nio

Description: Sunday lunch

Use case: Around the house, travelling, going to sleep. Portable excellence but slow to boot up. A bit of a faff sometimes. The nio is my favourite iem of the two.

T+A_hifi HA 200 and Solitaire P

Description: a la carte

Use case: At work, desktop, best possible listening (imo), the cure for audio upgradeitis. Usually tethered, although sometimes I use the Solitaire’s with my Mojo around the house/when I want to lie down.

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