An ethereum killer? ๐Ÿ’ธ

An ethereum killer? ๐Ÿ’ธ

Hopefully just a quick post today.

My crypto journey

I have only ever traded in btc, eth, iota and xrd. I don’t use leverage and I think defi is just gambling, but increasingly hard to just ignore.

My first trade was for 120 126 bitcoin bought at circa ยฃ8 each because, at that time ยฃ1,000 was a digestible loss for this accountant ie., me. I would add that when the price doubled to ยฃ16 I sold 60 btc to get my ยฃ1,000 back ( a “free ride”) and patted myself on the back! Hindsight is a wonderful thing hey!

If you search this blog under crypto$ you will see that, over the years, I have been a big fan of iota. I haven’t quite written off iota, but I have been watching radix since 2017 and I never posted about that.

Now I’m very interested in radix because they seem to be treating the network as equally important as the token, and to be fair to iota, they seem to, too.

I wrote about why I think bitcoin could fail here and it is because of a failure of the network in my opinion.

So why radix?

I’ll back up a little. I got excited about the possibility of ethereum being used as the backbone of an accounting system – a subject I have a little experience in as I programmed a cloud accounting system and offered cloud accounting services via my website (now defunct because I find accounting actually quite boring) for many years.

What quickly put me off, amongst other things, was the transaction fees.

Now, I think radix could deliver an accounting system for the future, and finally make us accountants redundant.

I tweeted a bit about it here.

This was meant to be quick!

I’ve got to catch a plane soon and this was meant to be quick.

I have been swapping iota for xrd as I do more of my own research and today I found an old youtube video which I watched and tweeted about below.

Very quickly, roadmaps and milestones are very important to me as are managing my expectations… read the tweet for more.

Radix seem to be delivering. We will see!

Not financial advice! Do your own research