A tale of two founders πŸ’°

A tale of two founders πŸ’°

This may be a tiny bit mean but here are my thoughts on two crypto founders Dom and Dan..

@DomSchiener of #iota and @fuserleer of #radix (#xrd).


I’ve had a long journey with iota and I’ve been very impressed with Dom’s tenacity in keeping the dream alive over the years.

But Dom strikes me as more of a “hot dinners” man (an expression from my corporate years regarding someone whose specialism was entertaining clients – particularly when no one else wanted to go out for dinner with them) than the technical wizard.

And now he’s cozying up to #KlausSchwab (who would want to go for dinner with Klaus?) at the #wef it’s very definitely time for me to bail on iota.

I want no part of that global “world domination” plan


I’ve also been watching radix since 2017 but never invested until recently so I don’t know Dan very well.

However what piqued my interest was the launch of the radix mainnet last year (iota haven’t launched theirs yet) – after all no one really wants to look under the hood if the car isn’t running yet.

I have been very impressed with what I’ve seen and radix, like iota is a “layer 1” crypto like #btc and #ethereum.

Most other cryptos are level 2’s built on ethereum.

So, I like layer 1’s and have only ever really invested in them. Radix has my iota money now as

1) it is in production and

2) Dan – it seems to me – is very much the proud geeky parent of it, and still raising his child..