My blue ✔️on twitter

My blue ✔️on twitter

I wrote a thread on twitter to try and explain, based on my own feelings, why I give more credence to the arguments of people who expose more of themselves online, anonymous posters given the least credibility by me personally.

And, I know we are all told to be anonymous as far as the internet is concerned, but really if you observe good practices, such as strong and varied passwords, in my opinion there is no reason to hide on the internet.

The blue tick on twitter is a good way to ensure that a tweet is at least made by a real person and not a robot. And also I’m enjoying being able to post longer tweets rather than trying to cram them into the normal 280 character limit.

Anyway – the reason for this post is to introduce a long tweet I made recently with the title below ….. because I think it’s worth it 😀

Who am I?

My life decisions have led me to a present where I have a level of independence few people will achieve.

I trade to make money but I equally enjoy it. As I do mountain biking and paragliding.

And so I exercise my mind and my body. And this health is my real wealth.

You may label me an #antivaxxer or #FarRight because I chose not to take the #CovidVaccines. I don’t care.

You rail against “hate” speech on Twitter Whereas I know “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

And my independence allows me to speak my truth as a human being and enables me to surround myself with people possessing qualities that I aspire to, in recognition of my own weaknesses and personal attributes that I seek to improve.

I make mistakes but I have the courage to apologise where I hurt people; and learn from these mistakes.

I have four wonderful adult children who are vibrant, intelligent and compassionate souls; I don’t worry about them as they have been equipped to take care of themselves and others.

I account to no editor, [I’m going to add client here] bank manager, boss or employee. My only arbiter is my wife Karen who is the purest being I know. My countermeasure [counterbalance would have been a better word in hindsight]. The yin to my yang.

So, in this world of tweets ask yourself what motivates your tweet and those of others. My motivation (I think) is compassion.

I care too much.

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