Meditation is not masturbation … 🀭

Meditation is not masturbation … 🀭

This post is just regurgitated from my twitter feed today – a bookmark maybe for something more substantial if it manages to coalesce in my mind.

I’m an #atheist and I need hard physics to collide with spirituality before I get religion. But I came close to a buddhist epiphany as a result of reading David Zindell’s Requiem for Homo Sapiens tetralogy. What particularly caught my attention was the mantra he used.

He referred to “the light inside light, the light inside all things, the light that IS all things” which his protagonist Danlo visualised as a shining door inside himself which he eventually opened to become enlightened.

This resonated with me because physics implies that we are ALL connected to each other and everything else in the Universe because we are all made of energy (light) compressed into atoms that all originated at the birth of the universe during the big bang…

I think that’s enough for today. I might try and collect my thoughts on this in a blog post some day. Needless to say, I have not yet winked out of existence but that’s not through lack of trying … once my wife mistook my meditation for masturbation .. but that story will have to wait too.. 🀭

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