Miracle drugs ⚕️

Miracle drugs ⚕️

This is a post about #health.

I’d love a fast motorbike.

I live on the #isleofman.

The “unrestricted” speed limit is just that.

Not 70 mph.

But I’m not allowed one.

A self imposed restriction because I know I would get overexcited and quickly exceed my ability level and probably have a fatal accident.

I know this because I have a history of writing off cars but, with these, the chances of survival are much higher. I’m on my third #vx220 (a poor man’s elise) having written off the other two and a TVR griffith.

Despite these setbacks, I have considered modifying the vx220 I currently possess to squeeze more horsepower out of it with a new exhaust, engine modification, new clutch, larger turbo etc.,.

You get the picture!

Sympathy for machines

But after a discussion with a friend who has more “engine empathy” than I do he made a valid point.

He said that the manufacturers of these cars know the tolerances of their vehicles and that these are finely balanced so that the whole vehicle will operate effectively and efficiently as designed.

Any pushing of the boundaries of these tolerances – such as modifications aimed at squeezing more power output – may initially bring a big smile to a face.

But ultimately may also break something else or wear some unforeseen component down and lead to a shortened lifespan.

And this made sense to me.

So how does this relate to health?

Well, in my mind, this whole weight loss miracle drug mania we are witnessing is such a modification as I have just described.

It’s quite expensive, though convenient and it may bring a big smile to your face.

But ultimately the long term prospects may be a bit of a disappointment and might in fact lead to an earlier demise.

So, like my vx220, and my body, I keep on top of their maintenance, fix them up when they break, exercise them regularly, but try not to unneccessarily modify them when other simpler options are available.

Full disclosure ..!

I do consume quite a lot of goat’s rue tea these days. 😁