Always the harbinger of doom!


I've been away for a while.

In the interim, I've NOT become a paragliding instructor.

But, I did get close to investing in a chalet in St Andre Les Alpes to build a centre of flying excellence.

Also I bought a tent-box and a sensible bike rack for my old Discovery with the intention of stalking some paragliding instructors around Europe to shadow their flights and ride my bikes when the weather was not flyable.

However, my tent-box arrived late and my 30th wedding anniversary conspired against my summer adventure.

So instead, I re-booked Billing, India for some Autumn vol-biv adventures in Himal Pradesh with some good flying buddies .....

Unfortunately, however, I broke my collar bone on the weekend beforehand practising my limited enduro skills with a good friend on a new mountain bike ...  Doh!

There's always next year!

That's the good news .....

The bad news, presaged already by the really shitty October for stock markets (and for Nana Betty who is 95 but much better now thanks to the sharp elbows of my lovely wife), is most succinctly summed up in this bullionvault article.


  • Raghav Dhawan said

    Hey brother, hope you are doing good...!
    I heard about your collar bone fractured.
    I pray a warm and soon recovery with a better health.
    I just found your card that you gave me in bir billing when you ran
    Out of cash... And you said remember me always whenever you are in any need. I am the Pharmacist. Raghav Dhawan / RD.

    I just saw your blog and read about your health. I just pray you a better health, kindly recover soon... Come back to bir Billing the mountains and the thermals ae missing you...!
    Hope we will have a warm tea in my shop soon... !
    Take care brother and get well soon

  • Giles said

    Raghav my Friend.

    What a small world we live in.

    You were treating a man with head injury when I called at your pharmacy.

    I'm so glad the £20 notes you changed for me weren't counterfeit as you worried!

    So nice to hear from you.

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