So I missed my 2018 Indian paragliding adventure .....

Catch up  ....

I missed my planned October 2018 vol-biv trip in India due to breaking my collar bone the weekend before I was due to travel by falling off a new mountain bike....... doh!

What an idiot.

So I booked another Colombia trip for a February flying fix. Ay Caramba!

And just before that I had a blast with the family in January in Avoriaz playing in powder. Lovely

Since I got back from Colombia, I have booked another SIV* course in Turkey in April, and a paragliding safari in Brazil in December. 

Also, I'm planning 3 weeks or so in Morzine in July/August with my tentbox, paragliders and mountain bikes.

Not much time for work really - unless it's very challenging!

SIV stands for 'Simulation d'Incident en Vol' and roughly translated means simulating unstable situations in flight

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