Calling all geeks - covid-19 is affecting my flying so let's help nail it... is an initiative to use distributed programming power to nail some of the world's diseases including covid-19.

I have a linux desktop - my supercomputer, a windows gaming laptop and a mac mini.

All have been pressed into service to help solve some of these problems.

Ironically the most powerful of these was the hardest to setup.

I have setup a group called MANXGEEKCLUB, it now has three members and here are the statistics!

Wouldn't it be nice to put the Isle of Man on the map as one of the most generous nations per capita in lending it's collective processing power to the WORLD's great causes.

If you want to help but are having geeky problems (like I did) then ping me on whatsapp, skype or whatever and i'll try to help you out, no strings. This is important people.


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