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  • My first Haiku .....

    What is a Haiku?

    Here is my first one......

    "Much hype but delivery's light;

    And BTC scales ichimoku's height;

    Volume's not right..."


  • Arab wars!

    This is going to be a quick one and relates to oil and the oil majors...

    Oil is going nowhere quickly (as in here to stay for a long time) despite the green energy movement imo.

    Green energy is … more

  • where is the thumbs down on mainstream social media ....

    When a social media post can only be liked (*) it is left to "liking" negative comments to balance the view.

    Commenting requires more effort (ie., being able to think and type) than simply clicking … more

  • Making sense of yesterday .....

    These are my contemparaneous thoughts ...

    I was one of the lucky people that was able to watch Dominic Cummings ("DC") bare his soul to the Parliamentary Committee yesterday live on TV about the UK … more

  • Don't try to catch a falling knife...

    How many fingers did people lose yesterday on bitcoin and other crypto$.

    Probably a lot of digits hit the floor in a bloody mess.

    This morning I was reading about the demise of bitcoin and … more

  • Green energy, crypto$ and inflation

    All of these subjects - green energy, crypto$ and inflation - are in the news at the moment.

    What has triggered this post was a recent BBC article about a nuclear fusion startup - Tokomak Energy Ltd … more

  • I learn't a new word yesterday ... "quasispecies"

    This post is really personal notetaking but I'm putting it out here anyway...

    So expect no start, beginning or end or indeed any sense here.

    I did some reading on the B.1.617 strain that is … more

  • My lockdown audiofool quest

    I think that we've all been in a world never experienced before for at least 12 months.

    Giving some of us lucky ones the time to indulge ourselves in stuff and to levels that we would not normally. … more

  • The Domestication of Humans.


    This is a frivolous and fictional piece by me bought about, these days, because I'm spending too much time behind my desk listening to great tunes and reading; and not getting enough social … more

  • I'm one step ahead of the game again.

    Reuters must read my blog! Hot off the press ......

    Good news on viral evolution hopefully....https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-evolution-analysis/in-mutant-variants-has-the- … more

  • OK - I'm going to try and be serious(ly offensive)

    I am of the opinion that anyone who has not taken, at least, a passing concern to the health of their body is part of this covid-19 problem.

    Your body is your best asset!

    It houses your mind. … more

  • I can't believe I've not mentioned this before!

    OK .. I did a post not so long ago about why (imo) it's not good to start your sentence with the word "so" - tldr - it's because I think it makes a person sound stupid (other opinions are available). … more

  • Now I'm on a Covid-19 research roll ...

    ... I've got the bit between my teeth and I'm just throwing this out there...

    Do you remember the kerfuffle surrounding the AstraZeneca shot and its efficacy regarding the first and second shot in … more

  • A flawed Covid-19 vaccination approach?

    I wrote a long post last night explaining why I'm not ready to have one of the current crop of Covid-19 vaccinations.

    Today's post cuts to the chase if last night's post is TLDR.

    Due to Antibody- … more

  • Why I'm hoping to avoid having a vaccine.

    This is a follow up post to the one I did here on the whole vaccine/world domination conspiracy theory and concerns the new vaccine technologies.

    Whilst, before considering all of what follows, I … more

  • Racism is ....

    not about your creed, class, background, ethnicity or the colour of your skin.

    It's about you, and more specifically your mind.

    You are or you aren't; NASTY (as in vicious or spiteful, not ugly or … more

  • Now I'm possibly going to get into trouble.....

    OK. From the outset of this post I have to a make a few things clear.

    Firstly, I am fatist (not to be confused with fascist, and hopefully people who land here may be able to tell the difference). … more

  • I made a new website last night

    It's at https://ier-z1r.com.

    This fanboy post on https://head-fi.org was sufficient motivation.


  • Stinky breath...

    TLDR: Bad breath may increase your chances of dying from Covid-19

    I read an awesome book in my teens, Papillon, all about some dude's escape from a french prison island.

    To get himself into the … more

  • Thought for the day ....

    I usually have my most profound thoughts whilst showering or walking the dog.

    Today's thought was to reflect on the number of good summers that I probably still have available to me ...

    For me this … more

  • More irreverance for my own amusement....

    When someone dies (and a lot of people are doing that at the moment) who is worthy of a mention in the newspaper, unless se is a complete cad, they are always remembered as something like:

    "a … more

  • Kilobuck IEMs and my bad run of luck ...

    Just like Alice I disappeared down a rabbithole a few years back.

    But the world I entered was one that belongs to the audiophile (where they speak a completely different language to the rest of us … more

  • Laying low .... starting to not like people in general ....

    Mr Grumpy here....

    We are having a 3 week lockdown in the Isle of Man as a result of the new Covid-19 strain and I'm trying to lay low and keep my mouth shut mainly;

    .... as I'm becoming resentful … more

  • Always an optimist me .... I love a bit of chaos ....

    Or .... a rainbow always follows a storm.. 🤪

    In biology  ... chaos (think natural disaster - there are a few around 😁) always benefits an ecosystem

    In chemistry, La Chateliers Principle says that … more

  • jeez ..... the press ... a very quick one ...

    The FT report today ..... 

    "Bitcoin tumbles back to $30,000 in volatile trading"

    From an all time high over the weekend of $35,000 ... Is that bad news!? OR reason to avoid crypto$!?

    Back in 2017/1 … more

  • A tiny new(s) year's eve rant :)

    This is a very quick one and concerns the objectivity of the news we are subjected to day in and day out!

    It's OK for people to have opinions; this is why we have blogs ....

    But PLEASE .... if you … more

  • New acronym incoming ....

    snoscunts = dozy fuckers

    I probably need to put some context around this as it is a bit vulgar I know so my apologies for that.

    It popped out of my head from nowhere during a whatsapp rant to some … more

  • I learnt a new word last weekend.... "haiku"

    Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry.

    A haiku uses just a few words to capture a moment and create a picture in the reader's mind.

    And it turns out that a good and always very understated (unlike me) … more

  • I have fallen down the audiophile rabbit hole!

    2020 has been a strange year for all of us.

    For me, who has always been into music and listening to tunes - intimately and not just on the radio - for at least 2 hours every day, it has allowed me … more

  • The pink guardian

    I cancelled my ft.com subscription today mainly because of a lack of balance re covid-19 reporting - which most of the mainstream media are guilty of.However, I did like the article "The kids aren’t … more

  • SAGE; my arse

    SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies); my arse!

    More like "Stupid Arses Gouge Economy"

    Oh, and how they laughed at the acronym!

    This paper republished in the British Medical Journal on 7 … more

  • Some entertainment at last?

    OK - hopefully this is going to entertain some people and others I am sure it will offend.

    But you can't please everybody.

    A good, well informed and (I like to think) intelligent friend of mine … more

  • I don't want to sound like "the donald" .....

    This is what is on my mind today!

    ... and don't get me wrong ... I live in the Isle of Man where we have NO covid-19.

    And I hope it stays that way only because the scat politicians here would … more

  • An interesting analysis of the covid-19 data

    An interesting analysis of the covid-19 data


    If it's TLDW, my 6 takeaways from this - based on the empirical data presented in the video - are as follows:

    1) Human … more

  • Deaths .... just putting this out there...

    Just putting this out there...

    In the UK in 2018 there were 541,589 deaths (530,841 in 2019).

    That's 1,483 per day if you divide the total by 365

    https://www.ons.gov.uk/ … more