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  • I learn't a new word yesterday ... "quasispecies"

    This post is really personal notetaking but I'm putting it out here anyway...

    So expect no start, beginning or end or indeed any sense here.

    I did some reading on the B.1.617 strain that is … more

  • My lockdown audiofool quest

    I think that we've all been in a world never experienced before for at least 12 months.

    Giving some of us lucky ones the time to indulge ourselves in stuff and to levels that we would not normally. … more

  • The Domestication of Humans.


    This is a frivolous and fictional piece by me bought about, these days, because I'm spending too much time behind my desk listening to great tunes and reading; and not getting enough social … more

  • T-cells, antibodies and vaccines. What does it all mean?

    OK. This post follows hot on the heels of my post on Wednesday after I read the two articles I referred to from Reuters.

    I'm going to try and make some sense (to me - other results may vary) of … more

  • I'm one step ahead of the game again.

    Reuters must read my blog! Hot off the press ......

    Good news on viral evolution hopefully....https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-evolution-analysis/in-mutant-variants-has-the- … more

  • OK - I'm going to try and be serious(ly offensive)

    I am of the opinion that anyone who has not taken, at least, a passing concern to the health of their body is part of this covid-19 problem.

    Your body is your best asset!

    It houses your mind. … more

  • I can't believe I've not mentioned this before!

    OK .. I did a post not so long ago about why (imo) it's not good to start your sentence with the word "so" - tldr - it's because I think it makes a person sound stupid (other opinions are available). … more